"Under the Sea" Birthday Party: Kylie is 5

Time is flying by soooooo stinking fast! It feels like just yesterday my princess was born and now this weekend we celebrated her 5th birthday! I just can't believe it. This year it was especially special because my daughter, Kylie, helped narrow down ideas and gave some of her own. The theme fell on our lap since her favorite movie at this time is The Little Mermaid and her favorite color is purple. I have a bit of an obsession with vintage stuff and so really wanted to achieve a washed up old under the sea party. To achieve a co-ed birthday I added pirate stuff for the boys :-). Here is the final result. 

The cake stand is custom made by my wood crafty husband! Of course I had to finish it off by distressing it to go with my washed up old under the sea look :-)!

My first fondant cake! Vanilla cake with whipped cream cheese frosting on the inside. First layer designed to create a fish scale look. The second tier was smooth layer of fondant with some chocolate sea shells made with Wilton Candy Melts and Wilton® Candy Mold-Seashells. I finished off the border in-between the layers with pearl color sixlet candy. I hit the jackpot with Wilton Gel Food Coloring Set to achieve the perfect shades of teal and lavender! 

To finish it off I used gram crackers that I had crushed in the blender to scatter on the cake stand and added some finishing chocolate sea shells. 

I love how my cupcakes came out!!!!!! I alternated between a shore washed up seashell look and white pearl candy. 

To achieve this look I tinted the frosting to teal for ocean. Then I added some crushed gram crackers for sand and my chocolate molded starfish. 

I wanted to decorate the cake table with snacks that would go with the theme and these worked out great!!!! I made some rice krispies, dipped them in teal tinted chocolate and added some goldfish! I accented the dished with crushed gram cracker for a sand look. Not one was left over!!!!!! 

My daughter has an obsession with wands and princesses so why not make a magic wand that is suitable for a mermaid ;-). I simply took wood sticks leftover from a previous party and distressed them. I added gold and purple ribbon purchased from Joanns and glued on the pencil star fish to the tip with hot glue gun. Five minutes later, bam start fish wands!

Finished off the cake table with the backdrop. I took a stick and cut strips of coordinating fabric and tied it on to the stick. I then added a net to drop it and a few scattered pencil starfish and bam... you got yourself an awesome simple backdrop!

My favor station! This was definitely one of the most fun details made! Lets start with the cage! My hubby made us a lobster trap made of wood pallets and added some shelves for display. The K on the bottom of the box was a cardboard K purchased at Joanns and painted and distressed with acrylic paint. 

I distressed the cage wood and added fish net with tangled in greenery to give it that old washed up on the shore look!

Now the favors! I found these adorable little wood boxes at Joanns. I snatched them up, distressed them and filled them with chocolate gold coins and treasures for the kiddos. I surrounded them with real sea shells that I purchased at Joanns. 

I filled the favors for the girls with the chocolate coins, necklaces from the Dollar Tree, tattoo and rings.

I didn't leave the boys behind! Their boxes were filled with chocolate coins, tattoos, eye patch and pirate hat :-)!

Mermaid gathering brunch! We hired a mermaid to surprise the birthday girl and so I wanted to create a beautiful area the mermaid could sit with the girls to chat. I really wanted it to serve as something that would be practical so they could eat but beautiful so that we could get some awesome pictures. As a photographer I am all about staging and details! Its my weakness. The table was inspired by my love for vintage and farmhouse decor. I had the hubby make me a farm table that was coffee table height for the kids to be able to sit on the floor and so that I could use it as a coffee table after the party lol. I made two large pillow benches. Each bench had four pillows in it which together measured about 6 feet. I then sewed a cover to coordinate with the party :-). 

Lets dig in! So I decided I wanted a backdrop! Originally I wanted to do something more beachy but I am not the artist with the paint brush but I am a beast with paper crafts. Little did I know this project would take 3 weeks to make! So...word to the wise if you don't have the time make these pinwheels and paper crafts yourself (for a 8' by 9' wall with running a business, homeschooling and my wifely duties as interruptions I took 3 weeks to make this) hire someone to make it or purchase them online. The benefit in having them custom made is having the ability to match the colors exactly with your party. In materials I spent about 50 bucks but the time is what is priceless and now I understand why a wall like this would probably cost about $300. 
I filled the wall with handcrafted with love by me, waterlilies and pinwheels. 

I love these simple inexpensive fillers that you can always add. I made about 28 pom poms to fill in and decided to dress up the table legs with it!

Plate setting! I found these awesome gold plastic plates and forks at Party City. I love the forks because they looked like real silverware. I took milk glass jars and covered them in twine and glued silver dollars on them. I really wanted a fancy look so paper napkins weren't going to cut it. I instead decided to sew the linens for the pate settings which also gave me the flexibility of finding the perfect shade lavender. I finished off the decor with paper crafted flowers, sea shells and wood stars that I painted with acrylic paint. 

It turned out perfect. Everything I hoped for and imagined! Here are some more of my favorite moments from my princess special day!

The moment she was crowned was by far the most emotional for me. I loved her expression!

Its cake cutting time!

Make a wish while I cry and savor this moment!

Now I get to enjoy a 3 month break before I have to start planning for my youngest birthday :-)! If you would like me to post tutorials for any of these projects please comment below :-)!

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  1. This is so beautiful! I cannot take my eyes off this post. My daughter’s birthday is around the corner and I have booked one of the finest NYC venues for the celebration. I am definitely to plan something like this. The colors used here look gorgeous. This is a delightful post.

    1. Thank you so much Mark! I know your daughter is going to absolutely love it!