Ikea Mirror Hack

Okay so lately I've been a little rustic country crazy! I went to Tennessee for a little family vacation and came back desiring nothing but rustic decor. As we all know its the in design right now and because of that it is also super expensive!!!! A little too rich for my blood to do a complete living room remodel along with my kitchen (which I will be posting soon!) The country vintage style mirrors range retail between $200-$300   :-O!

So I was on a mission. A mission to make my house look like a million dollar rustic home without actually having to spend it. This meant that I would have get creative, get frugal and put in a little elbow grease to see what I could repurpose that I already had. We had this Ikea mirror that we bought when we first got married, with the intention to hang it on the wall but never did. Honestly I almost threw this mirror out a few times but just couldn't bring myself to it because it had cost me $100. 

I'm glad I didn't because it was the perfect new floor mirror for my new country rustic living room decor. So I started my mission. I was determined to distress this mirror and have a brand new look for only $5.00. 

1. I started by lightly sanding the mirror down and then wiped off the dust so that the new paint would stick. 

2. I used some leftover paint from my cabinets and lightly brushed it on purposely leaving brush strokes. Color used was OFF WHITE

3. Then I lightly sanded it again

4. After sanding it to the look I wanted I wanted to age it a little in color. So I took some of my daughters brown acrylic paint from Joann that cost only .69 and watered it down 2 to 1 ratio and rubbed it all over the mirror.

5. I then bought a pack of metal L brackets from Lowes. I didn't have a blow torch to burn them and age them so I decided to just throw it on the grill hahaha. I let it burn 3 times over and cool down. Then I rinsed them off and screwed them on to each corner.

6. I gathered some accessories I found on clearance at Walmart and Ashley's Furniture and yardstick luggage from Michaels, a little staging and voila!!!!

This was such an easy way to repurpose something that I had not given use for over 7 years! The final product is amazing and all my guest keep asking me where I found my mirror!

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