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Summer is over and school is in session. If you are like me, you probably gave your child a break during the summer. I normally try to avoid that, but with a soaring wedding photography business, wifely duties and an infant to add to the mix, my four year old got lucky that mommy wanted a break this summer too! As the first day of homeschooling approached, I feared that I would be starting from scratch. So I created a back to school entry exam for my toddler so that I could see what she needed a refresher on and what we could check off the list. Mind you that I have already gone through all pre-k curriculum with Kylie (my four year old) last year, so this test will include everything your child should know by the end of pre-k. Even if you are just beginning with your toddler this will give you a starting point so you can see what your child knows and how they progress over time. This exam is a great guide for what your child should know by the end of pre-k and will help you structure a lesson plan. It is a great way to set your child up for success in kindergarten, wether your child is homeschooled or will be attending a traditional school. Subscribe to my blog for future post covering learning activities for alphabet, phonics, math, and science.

Below I have included the first three pages of my Pre-K Assessment I have put together for my girls. This is also a great resource for stay at home moms who are contemplating on homeschooling but don't know where to begin. Even if you are not choosing to homeschool it is a great way to make sure your child is set up for success when they start Pre-k/ Kindergarten. It gives you a starting point and helps you organize your activities and assignments to cater to what your child needs help with. Take this assessment once a month to see how your child is improving.

Assessment includes:

  • Name recognition and spelling
  • Color Recognition
  • Number recognition 
  • Pattern recognition
  • Upper and Lower Case recognition
  • Letter sounds
  • Shape recognition
  • Shape Attributes
  • Months of the Year
  • Days of the Week 
  • Seasons 
Purchase full assessment for $5.00

Purchase 10 page Assessment for $5.00

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